#wow! 2021 is over and together with @shirtinator.de you have really made a difference! 🍃
Thanks to your clicks for climate, you offset 34813 kg CO2 in December. This corresponds to about
11.2 million conventional New Year's Eve rockets fired. Happy New Year! 🎆


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Project location: Borneo, Indonesia
Project partner: Fairventures Worldwide


square meters of forest
reforested in 2021 by


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Simply as usual 

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Click the box in the cart

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offset CO2 with us.


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100 Million Trees For Borneo

The jungles of Borneo are home to orangutans, elephants and wild cats - but this unique ecosystem is in danger. Illegal deforestation and the expansion of palm oil plantations threaten the livelihoods of local people and animals and contribute to exacerbating climate change. The objective is clear: we want to reforest degraded land. In addition to reforestation, the focus lies on empowering the local population. The active knowledge transfer of reforestation techniques and agroforestry enables smallholder farmers to earn a sustainable income and helps to ensure the success of the project in the long term.



Our project partner 

Fairventures Logo.png

Project Goals

Ecosystem preservation

Reforesting degraded land and conserving endangered species

Knowledge transfer

Training local famers in agroforestry and reforestation techniques.

Social security

Generating a sustainable income for the local population.

The project in numbers


1 Mio.




100 890

tons of CO2




smallholders supported






Why is climate action needed in e-commerce?

When it comes to climate change, many people directly think of mobility & energy as the main drivers because of burning fossil fuels. And that's true. However, one important area is often forgotten: shopping behavior, i.e. personal consumption. With 40% of the personal footprint, consumption contributes substantially to climate change and is twice as high in Germany compared to the global average. We want to do something about this. And we do so with every online purchase.

What exactly is climate offsetting?

Good products make our lives easier or more enjoyable in many places - however, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are produced when products are manufactured, shipped and used.
You can offset these emissions by funding and supporting projects that reduce or directly remove the same amount of CO2 emissions from the atmosphere elsewhere. Consequently, no net emissions are produced, as it doesn't matter to the climate where the greenhouse gases are emitted or avoided.

What happens when I 'Click for Climate'?

When you click the box, your climate contribution will be added to your shopping cart. The payment is easily done together with the rest of your order. We make sure that your climate contribution is invested in the selected forest project. This way you can offset the CO2 emissions caused by your online order and reduce your ecological footprint.

Why forest projects?

Because trees are real superheroes! They are natural climate protectors, as for their growth they remove the climate-damaging CO2 from the atmosphere. In addition, forests protect the soil from erosion, filter rainwater, provide fresh air and are a key habitat for humans and millions of animals and insects. Selecting qualified and certified forest protection and reforestation projects also involves the local population in international projects and provides them with a sustainable source of income.

Who is behind Yook?

We at Yook are climate activists and entrepreneurs. We believe that everyone is okay the way they are - no matter how big the footprint they (still) live on is. That's why we have made it our mission to make climate protection as easy as possible for online retailers and consumers. With the 'Click for Climate' we want to make climate-conscious actions possible - for a climate-positive future!

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